Below are just a few extra healthy habits to get on board with.
Fashion Revolution Clothes Swap
Advocate and spread the word #slowfashion #whomademyclothes #payup #whatsinmyclothes @fash_rev
Retailers that reward for recycling. @refinery29
Support artisans and invest in pieces that are in it to last. Craft Talk an “artisan accelerator and design consultancy, which promotes fair and transparent labour practices for artisans & craft producers” located in Toronto!
Buy from designers and retailers that support the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP). is behind the SCAP 2020 Commitment and wants to “accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy”
If you're in the UK download WARP's GPS mapping and tracking app to “let users know where their nearest clothing take-back or drop-off points are.”
  • Business models that put people and the planet first. source: WFTO (Home of Fair Trade Practices)
  • “A new culture of value in place of waste”
Sustainability Leaders Awards February 2021
April 24th Fashion Revolution Week
Sustainable Connections monthly Toronto event

Adding 9 months to a garments life cycle can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 4-10% each.

link WARP

73% of clothing produced is sent to landfill or is incinerated

link Textile World

Producing Plastic-based textiles uses approx. 342 millions barrels of oil each year.

link Fashion Revolution