Who We Are.

With years of experience treasure hunting both locally, country to country across the world, and thrift shopping online, our love of all things fashion has finally culminated. The thrill of the hunt mixed with the passage of time brought us together and our twenty years of friendship flourished over a shared joy of scavenging. With opposing styles (but shared middle names), our distinct tastes have proved to be both complementary and balancing. Jessica is the risk taker, testing the newest and boldest trends, where Janelle has a more comfortable laid back flare, that will never go out of style. What we share is the sheer joy of spending hours and hours sifting through pieces with history and picking out the ones that tell a special story.

Jessica Traveling
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What fueled us to start a store?
Why Thrift Shopping Online?

Solo Uno is the perfect place to house all our thrifted treasures by supporting second-hand fashion. It’s a place to express our love of fashion and help other people find theirs, with as little impact on the planet as possible. It’s a platform to keep the flow of information moving in all things sustainable fashion. We want to provide people a place to curate a more conscious wardrobe. We breathe new life into older clothes. Our goal is to help others live out their fashions dreams with carefully selected pieces from the past, while still keeping our eyes set on a healthier future.

How we work.

Hand Picked & Inspected

All pieces are inspected for quality and any mending or manufactured distress will be noted on the product. These are used pieces so there will be some wear and tear but large imperfections will be noted.

Cleaning & Washing

Everything we ship out has been cleaned and washed and comes from a smoke-free environment.

Product Descriptions

We do our best to list product true to quality. Vintage items and handmade pieces will have measured sizes (check the solo uno measuring guide)

Packaging + Labels

Our labels & stationary are branded with a wooden stamp and all our packaging is paper, except the polymer bags. We are currently sourcing a more eco option. If you know of any great companies let us know..

Invested in Learning

We are committed to continually learn and grow on sustainable practices and better our platform toe ensure you have a no fuss thrift shopping online experience.

Giving back

A portion of our sales is set aside to share with our community. It could be someone who lives around the corner from us that needs some groceries or a charity close to our hearts either way something is always going back into the community.